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>> perhaps you saw shark boy and some body else and thought he was in it >> i don't know but it is like he wasn't thinking for a split second. daredevil for sure tucker barnes. >> sarah, that is not well thought out at all. >> i don't think so. >> i can't wait to see lark i haven't seen her in awhile. >> love it 9:15 a.m. >> i will be there. >> forecast and take a look at sat late radar, don't have a lot to show you although we have showers not far off to the north and west see if a few of those will sneak into the area later this afternoon a live look. the cloud cover moving in from the north and west sunshine at your house at this moment you will likely see clouds moving across the sun here during the course of the day partly to mostly cloudy afternoon i think, as the storminess continues to develop here, off to our north and west, the good news, cloud cover, hold temperatures back a little bit regan national, 81 degrees, we have reached 70s mountains back
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to the west, haggers town, 73, winchester 72, your forecast, more clouds and sun could be a few showers, north and west of the city high, 91 degrees. still a lot of heat on the horizon tomorrow temperatures close to 100 all the news on that and take a lack at tropical storm don, yep, don in a couple minutes back to you. tucker thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of red skins camp as the wheeling is dealing continues when it comes to the roster >> latest news, trade of albert haines worth that has the red skins nation talking, following the story all morning long people are just like hallelujah. >> yeah, alison, sarah and i were just talking we are buzzing about it. >> yes. >> it has been the talk of the town, already, 6:30 a.m. this morning, we were talking off camera are we surprised red skins were able to make this move somewhat because we heard
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there was not a market for albert haines worth as i jokingly said to steve at 5:30 a.m., hey, if you can get a ham sandwich take it. fifth round draft pick 2013 what that means, the good news, red skins don't have to pay the bulk of the remainder of this contract that is what it means to fans today and to the salary cap now the skins save almost $5.5 million this year alone just by getting him off the books. so, that right there, is a good job by mike shanahan the head coach and bruce alan the gm. they thought he was an immovable part. he was movable. >> what is it going to take to get him to do something, you think the patriots can? >> that is the million dollar question, funny you say that t boston globe they have done a survey this morning. over 2200 people respond to it already this morning, 51% of the people say this is a great trade, patriot fans now say if
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anybody can striken them out, bill belichich can. 35% say i will wait and see before deciding 14% say they hate it, 14% probably red skins fans up in new england. so, we will have to find out, we also have good twitter people, this morning, following twitter all day, kenny didn't want to play with us and didn't want to perform up to the $100 million contract we understand that. we have had this type of sentiment all morning, pay dog 89 after being bamboozled, i love saying that at 9:00 a.m., good riddance. i think you are right we said at the top here good riddance, red skins nation is ready to move on >> it was a distraction. >> and so was mcnabb who they have moved to minnesota. one other quick note i want to point out casey rye back has just been let go he confirmed that in a tweet. and sad to see casey go this is a class guy one of those true
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leaders on that team and i know that the rest of the veterans will miss that guy he is a tough guy to replace he is the center and makes all the offensive line calls whoever will play center, big shoes to fill. >> clinton poritis? >> we don't expect him back either. i don't know how much of a market there is for clinton he is an aging older running back and taken a lot of hits some times when you take one too many other teams will be cautious of paying you big bucks when they don't know if you can do it with wear and tear. >> fresh start again let's see what we can do. >> thanks dave. we are following developing story on capitol hill, of course we are talking about the debt debate the death line rapidly approaching congress is heading toward a vote today, but just one step in what will be a very complicated process, as fox's doug luzader explains from capitol hill.
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>> president obama has promised to veto what the house may do today, many republicans think he is bluffing, no exaggeration to say the political world revolves around john boehner today s the vote he will try to push through his plan to hike the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts starting to win over deficit hawks in his own party. >> cuts we can bank, step in the right direction, we get a pass. >> while they may get a pass in the house, democrats say the plan is dead on arrival in the senate but there may be chinks in the armor, room to negotiate. >> magic things can happen here, very short period of time. >> president obama has been relatively relegated to the sidelines this in debate at least publicly some in his own party urge him to bypass the process, skip congress cite the 14th amendment to the constitution which says
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validity of public debt shall not be questioned. >> she should sign the executive order. >> the president rule that out while time is not on anyone's side now, the white house found itself defending itself august 2nd deadline for a deal which some now question. >> there is no escaping that there is no -- there are no off ramps people keep looking for off ramps they don't exist, okay. >> assuming that deadline is correct, congress is in for a very long weekend. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> recent activity on the hill is raising eyebrows in an effort to encourage house republicans to back speaker boehner's plan, health majority whip showed a from the town about bank robbers take a look. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is you can never ask me about it later we are going to hurt some
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people. >> whose car are we going to take. >> after that clip aired, alan west of florida reportedly stood up and said quote i am ready to drive the car. >> ben affleck is weighing in he issued a statement saying it is a bit bizarre if republicans are going to watch movies his film the company mean are more appropriate a group of men laid off during the recession >> army general once accused of using soldiers to play mind games on u.s. senators has been cleared. the allegations against lieutenant general william caldwell were unsubstantiated the general was accused of improperly using soldiers trained in psychological operations to influence senator it is idea was to get more money for the war in afghanistan claims were published in rolling stone magazine alison. fairfax county police released two new images of a suspected serial slasher. take a look for yourself here
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investigators say this man has cut at least five young women he has hit the fair oaks mall, tyson's corner center and green briar shopping center. he preys on women in their teens and early 20s distracting them in the store, cutting their backside, then taking off if you recognize this man you are asked to call police. mount rainier police officer remains behind bars on attempted murder and sex offence charges, gene gillette lured a man to his home to be in a porn movie he told him instead tried to engage in sexual acts with that man. those are the allegations they say when the victim refused and tried to escape the officer shot him, several times defense argues gillette is the victim saying he shot in self-defense anything else that happened was consensual, prosecution added that he has done this before another case is currently under investigation. son of dc councilman marion barry will be sentenced in
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september on drug charges 31- year-old christopher barry admitted to possession of marijuana and pcp officers responded to his home in may for report of a fight and found drugs inside. now to operation adams morgan and the big push from police to curb crime in that area it began last weekend with more officers patrolling clubs and restaurants no parking along 18th street, from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. also, fire marshall will check clubs for over crowding and dpw crews will lookout for illegally parked vehicles on side streets business owners have been asking for help but now some are having second thoughts about this. >> public parking there is not enough good transportation, you are teaching the people not to come here. >> walking in the middle of the street, fights taking place people walking around with alcohol in their hand, outside
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of public space. hope use of drugs. >> police are flexible and willing to change most anything involved with this enforcement if it will help curb crime starting this weekend they will move forward with these new plans for operation adams morgan. soon people in northern virginia will notice more traffic congestion, it is a direct result of base realignment and closure plan some 6,000 workers are moving from crystal city to the mark center metro is taking steps to deal with extra traffic out there it will offer bus service between the pentagon and marx center the new line will run every 10 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes during off peak hours the new bus route will debut august 8th. travelling by bike, is becoming more and more convenient and you don't even need to own your own two wheels dc reese department of transportation is opening 32 new capitol bike share stations this fall it allows riders to rent bikes and drop them at
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other stations an annual membership, $75 pretty good deal. >> if you can avoid a lot of traffic. >> americans you know are living longer and working longer and there are a variety of reasons for us a dear friend of ours here at fox 5 is looking into this trend. >> lark mccarthy will join us to talk about it. don't go any where we are coming right back  [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education.
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we americans are living longer many are working longer too some of that is due to economy a lot of it comes with just drive and ability to still maintain even an older age our good friend and former colleague, lark mccarthy looked into this issue with her role as aarp tv lark is joining us live from las vegas good morning. >> good morning alison so good to be with you. >> i am sure everybody is just so happy to see you.
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we just want to talk about this episode called the age of longevity we are living longer and you looked into this tell us about it. >> right it is called the age of longevity and you can see you know this sunday, on maryland public television, two, and it is a part of a show i am hosting called inside e street americans you know, life expectancy is an all time high it is nearly 78, more and more people are living to age 100 you know that is doubled in the last two decades so we nought we really should get into this and -- rethought we really should look into this and get examples of people active and engaged we reached out to betty white of course, and retired supreme court justice john paul steves i have to tell you -- stevens i have to tell you he has not done many interviews he retired last year at the age of 90 it was special when he said yes >> your overall impressions we
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will hear from him in a second but your overall impressions having spoken to him lark. >> really just fascinating alison to hear him talk about the game plan that he had about retiring now he stayed on the high court for 35 years, but after he had only been on the bench for a couple years, he asked one of his clerks to research the age at which many justices retired which turned out to be in their 70s. but it was on his mind having a game plan for retirement something so many people don't do, we really don't like to thing about retirement, and so let's listen to justice stevens when he talked about the moment he realized he needed toe thing about retirement. >> when i announced my decent in the united states about a year ago, just about a year ago, for the first time i had ever done it i had some trouble articulating what i wanted to
9:17 am
say. >> the bottom of the court's opinion is just a rejection of the common sense of the american people, as expressed in 1907 in the senate report on the -- >> what troubled me i thought, maybe i should get some thought -- give some thought to the fact that i might not be able to -- i might be changing ways i hasn't recognized. >> see he was self-aware, so obviously this raises the issue of course about competency testing do we need it especially for people with life long appointments, but he went on to say though, that he thought maybe he could have gone on because his writings were still crisp and crystal clear, also he weighs in on something that is very controversial as he just mentioned it but social
9:18 am
security and here is what justice stevens said it is something that should be considered it might be appropriate to increase the retirement age something so many people are debating right now. >> talks about ways that he looks to stay healthy. >> yes, very important here first of all his wife is a dietician as he likes to put it a beautiful dietician, and he says she really did help keep their meal plans on track but he believes in exercise, in fact so much so when he spoke at a high school dedication, that was one of the things he emphasized regular exercise and he also emphasizes getting your medical check ups, you know, he announced in 1992 he had prostate cancer but talks about being treated for skin cancer and being caught during medical check ups, physical exercise with which your diet and get -- watch your diet and get your check ups >> you talked to betty white
9:19 am
at an interesting remote location >> i went to long beach california to talk to bet phi white and it was a place she recommended it is special to her it is an animal shelter but not like michelleer i have ever been to in -- it is not like any shelter i have been to it is an animal village, a compound, lovely grounds bet phi white has been involved with this since it was founded several years ago she has been an animal rights advocate for many many years it is a passion of hers, i would say that is one of the things that links betty white and justice stevens a passion for their work, just really interested and engaged in what they are doing do you realize she has been on television since it was invented. >> that is amazing. >> we saw you laughing just now, there you made comment to how quick whited she was and we know that too but you got to see it first hand >> i got to see it first hand we were taping and one of the buildings where they have
9:20 am
animal that is are up for adoption and we were going to walk around but didn't tell her we put a photographer in one of these big kennels where normally there would be a dog we wanted that perspective from the camera we walked by, takes one look and says i will take that one home without missing a beat. >> i love that. i think we have some film from her as well. >> let's listen to that. >> was there ever a time when you thought you would retire at 65? did that ever cross your mind. >> retirement is a word i don't have any definition for i have no idea what it means i am going to die in harness. maybe not ever. >> as long as offers keep coming. >> that's right. >> and that is her plan. she is now 89, started in a tv sitcom she wreck a book i have
9:21 am
to -- wreck a book i have to talk about things she does she takes vitamin c daily, weighs herself daily if there is a little fluctuation she tries to cut back right away the get it under control. then i have a little visual aid for one of the things betty white does daily see this there she has a vodka cocktail with a lemon squeeze before dinner so i won't have it before breakfast. >> right, i am writing those down. >> i will write that last one down. >> if it is working for betty. >> we are so happy to hear from both of those big names 13 we are happy -- and we are happy to hear you have no plans on retoring either we love to see you. >> no, absolutely no plans that is one of this things arp that produces they had to change the name it used to be american association for retired persons half the members are not retiered. do we have just a minute to
9:22 am
mention this dilemma about the age of longevity you have justice stevenbetty white on the other end you have salespeople with dementia, physical disabilities how are we as society preparing to deal with both to adapt to accommodate. >> society individual families with older family members, lark mccarthy always good to see you. >> thank you alison really appreciate it. >> have a good day talk to you soon. >> good to see in retirement it is all about vodka martinis. >> just one. >> becomes a little ugly after that. >> thank you lark. >> well, people do crazy things some times especially this guy why he jumped from his boat, on to a shark. we are going to have details later on. oh, my gosh. >> and holly is checking out, what do you call it? that thingamajig good morning. >> good morning to you let me
9:23 am
just tell you, if these kids are an indication of our future it is very bright these are amazing minds at work today check this out, this is really fun kids are learning to computer program here and what they are programming, are these robots, that are roaming around on the floor. as a result they will get a lego robot drivers license just one challenge going on at the thingamajig invention convention plus we will introduce you to these creative minds later take the finish challenge.
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>> still no sign of a virginia man missing for three weeks, he was last seen leaving his construction job in tyson's corner july 9th well, the minivan he drove to work that day turned up a week after his disappearence three blocks from his job site, something that is making family members more concerned there has been no
9:27 am
activity on his cell phone or credit cards hundreds have joined the facebook page called help find oscar a fairfax county police detective is assigned to the case currently categorized as missing persons because there is no sign of a crime. >> fbi joined in the search for a missing new hampshire girl the 11-year-old was seen monday night working at a computer in her home locate add mile from the canadian border there is no indication she ran away or someone took her. so what do you thing would make -- think it would take to make you jump into the water and grab a shark. one guy did it and lived to tell about it. he is going to tell us why he did that and show you the video next. pgh >> heat on its way back by the way, so what can we expect as we head into the weekend tucker barnes up next.
9:28 am
back in a moment
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well, we enjoin getting the opportunity to tell you about people doing crazy stupid things this next story qualifies take a look. >> here we go, this is eric jacobs, what is he doing? jumping off his boat on to a giant shark off the coast of massachusetts, after the jump, common sense kicked in he made a mad dash back to the boat, let me just look at this. >> you can see it >> jacob said the spirit moved him to jump he has no regrets that shark is a bass king shark? >> yes, but i don't know what kind that was. >> the second largest living fish. >> okay. >> the spirit -- spirits -- encouraged him. >> yeah. >> right. >> the spirits.
9:32 am
>> jack and jim. >> you see how fast he swam back to the boat. >> what is he doing jumping on the back of a shark. >> not well thought out. >> we need to have like the five dumbest stories and he would be number two i would say. >> what is the first one? >> well, some body out there will do something dumber but that was not well thought out. >> he is lucky he didn't get bit do you think the shark was like hey. >> did you see how huge he was? >> i only regret we would tell this story like a man lost his life off the coast of chat ham because we didn't know the story. >> all the other sharks were laughing at the shark this guy jumped on. >> all right. >> don't do that. >> maybe you know dolphins are a little friendlier. >> why don't we start with that. >> we should never jump on wildlife. >> swim with the dolphins. >> if tony were here he would
9:33 am
be going off. 82 degrees, regan national, 83 annapolis. temperatures warming up low 90s later this afternoon as temperatures expected to be just a few degrees above normal, a little later. 81 quantico, 81 leonard town there we go. let's look at our next map, satellite radar cloud cover trying to sneak in from the north and west if you are watching frederick, pennsylvania border, you have thicker cloud cover. washington high thin clouds, later this afternoon, more and more cloud cover will move in from the north and west. it won't be perfect hi sunny partly to cloudy, for a good portion of the afternoon, it is possible you can see showers not far away some of us, from the north and west, light shower activity during the course of the day, be ready for that, south, fredericks burg, south, southern maryland, you will be fine just a little bit of cloud cover moving through. let's talk tomorrow heat will build, heat dome 110, wichita yesterday, no thanks won't be
9:34 am
that warm here we will heat up during the day tomorrow, actual air temperatures by tomorrow afternoon approaching 100 degrees, humidity, heat index, 105, we are likely to get advisories around here, perhaps again saturday as we have a lot of heat around here for the next couple days. >> there is your tropical tracker, tropical storm don tracking north and east, we have to watch it carefully, looks like it will move inland, near texas by friday night early saturday, 60-mile per hour winds bringing rain, here is your forecast, 91 this afternoon mostly cloudy, passing shower possible, muggy tonight, 79 your overnight low could be an early shower, generally cloudy off and running with the heat tomorrow near 100. yep, hot and humid there is your weekend forecast maybe late storms saturday. let's look at weather alison and sarah back to you. thanks tuck tore debt
9:35 am
debate has had an effect on the markets the dow ended down four days in a row a live look at the big board, up 22 points markets just opened up. >> markets have been reacting to the dead lock over the debt. >> republican speaker of the house john boehner had to rework his proposal after the congressional budget office said it did not cut enough as first promised cbo is made up of government accountants and economists that evaluate a plan and not part of any party let's get more on the debt debate from audrey barnes live on capitol hill with the latest on this this morning good morning audrey. >> good morning sarah, cbo accountants say those two proposals, won by house republicans and other vice senate democrats were not as rosy as everyone expected them to be the bills will not reduce the deficit now economists are nervously watching the debate on the hill stock market had a rough few days as well.
9:36 am
less than one week to go until the fed say we will max out the nations credit card there are global repercussions. >> very very serious not for the united states alone, but for the global economy at large because consequences are far reaching. >> credit down grade will almostcertainly result in borrowing costs the dow has declined, four sessions in a row leaving it down more than 3% in the period, it is on pace for its worst week since august, of 2010. >> we have been seeing an acceleration of declines the closer we get to that august 2nd deadline, i think that the spread between what some people call drama and risk, which was high early on, is now getting closer and closer, the closer we get to that drop dead date. >> economists are warning not just far reaching consequences
9:37 am
but in the u.s., interest rates would go up. meaning we all pay more for just about everything. >> everybody's interest rates would go way up, car loans, home mortgages, credit cards, business loans, all of that, and it would likely throw the whole economy into another recession. the house is preparing to vote on speaker boehner's plan this afternoon white house already said that plan has no chance of becoming law. and of course democrats are urging the president to take matters into his own plan passing an executive order, audrey barnes live on capitol hill back to you. all right thank you. some new ads for make up featuring a very big hollywood star but they won't be seen in the uk why it has been banned there next >> and from game show host to crime fighter what happened that had alex trebek chasing
9:38 am
down a criminal. find out when we come back
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>> kef it is no secret many magazines air brush models. >> but make up campaigns featuring julia robertchristy terming on the have been banned because of air brushing if you take a look i have seen these ads i think is there skin really that flawless this is the ad with roberta candid photo of the actress i think you can figure out which one it is advertising standards agency said the ads mislead the public loreal acknowledged the use of post production techniques on the image of the actress but remains firm the picture was an accurate representation of her naturally healthy and glowing skin. >> now can i say i believe that to be true i think she looks beautiful on the right >> i do too.
9:42 am
>> but you can tell that you know -- >> well, yeah. >> but i think there might be poem that say hey, my skin is not going to look like that if i put on your product i am not going to be looking like an angel. >> they lightened her hair up a great bit and her eyes look the same just brighter i don't know my problem is, that both of these women are very beautiful women and you know, make up, camera ready for a magazine fine maybe they went a little far >> lighting can do tricky things as we know here. >> if we had hair and make up and lighting, you wouldn't be able to stand it we would be so beautiful that is why we do it here. >> stop complaining. >> we don't like our hair. kidding. >> uk says no way. >> all right. >> legendary game show host walking around with the help of crutches after chasing down a burglar, alex trebek and his wife were sleeping in a san francisco hotel room earlier
9:43 am
this week when an intruder broke in. so he chased after the woman in the case, but didn't get very far because his achilless tendon snapped. how painful that is. >> that just hurts to thing about it. ground of course injured his other leg in the process of falling, police later arrested the alleged burglar inside the hotel they say she stole cash and a bracelet among other things. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewellery that i ever wear it is a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago that is gone. >> that is too bad he is expected to under go surgery tomorrow he will be in a cast for six weeks. >> i have to ask, do you think he phrased everything he yelled at her in the form of a question? i couldn't resist. >> how do you keep your house plants alive on vacation or still in the house. one question our viewers have
9:44 am
asked our garden expert he joins us next with answers to that and other questions. >> all right holly is checking out all of the -- they have the thingamajig at the ymca what she has found stay with us my name is ashley.
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i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free.
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nearly 4,000 local kids are participating in the largest learning carnival in upper marlboro maryland. the thingamajig invention convention. >> good morning holly. >> reporter: good morning it is put on every year by ymca of greater washington celebrating its 160th year this year in doing so they have a huge rebranding effort going on they want people to understand their mission, which is social responsibility, youth development and healthy living, all three of those things are
9:48 am
encapsulated here in this one event that all of these kids are coming out for when they get here they not only show case their invention but challenged with different activities, the assistant regional director of dcs first and we have been checking out the challenges first and foremost tell me what first stands for. >> for inspiration and recognition of technology. >> you are doing this with this robot's drivers license tell me how it works. >> we are here to show how cool and fun programming a robot can be. a student will sit and program a lego mind storms robot to move forward, take turns they run it and get a license. >> reporter: this is promoting critical thinking. promoting critical things, team work, cooperation they are
9:49 am
getting exposure to science, technology, engineering and math careers. >> we start our programs at age 6 and go through high school. >> only on down and -- come on down and get excited. >> you can see the kids that have come through have really enjoyed it like i said these are different activities here to challenge the kids so they have a really fun filled day it start s with the invention itself kids were challenged to come up with something there is different areas they can compete in they have to use recyclable materials they can only spend $20 it has to be somewhat original we will check in with creators this morning since this is really the inspiration for the event tell me your name. >> william. >> leah. >> you guys are a team. >> yes. >> what category did you compete in is this. >> all blue. >> what did you come up with? >> pin ball machine. >> what did you use?
9:50 am
>> we used some of the bottle tops, off our water bottles. >> we used some body's little plastic -- >> for a ramp. >> i can see that you guys really worked as a team you are just all over each other i love it do you thing it is done? >> yes >> i think it looks pretty good. good luck today i am pulling for you. >> tell me your name. >> jaden. >> you also completed in it's a blue thing. >> what did you come up with? >> a cake. >> what is in here? >> chocolate spoons, fresh blueberries >> i like that. >> now did you make this yourself? >> i had a little help. >> i understand i think that is just my size do you thing i can have it? >> no. >> i have to wait for the competition. all right. all right. what is your name?
9:51 am
>> her reason. >> i competed in fashion. >> what did you come up with? >> a purse. >> love that where did you get that idea? >> i thought of it and asked my aunt she said it would be a good idea. >> all girls need a good purse can i hold it? doesn't it go with my outfit? yeah, this is the perfect little go out in the evening type bag i love it. >> last but not least your fame? >> quinn. >> what did you compete in? >> lighter than air. >> flying machines that looks intense tell me about it. >> i just made like a flying saucer and on the inside i have like little aliens. >> look at the little aliens. >> i love that how did you come up with this idea? >>ist just thinking of stuff normally you think of helicopters and planes i just thought of it. >> it came into your brain you must be really smart.
9:52 am
>> let's put our aliens back up hopefully it is air conditioned in there it will be hot. and all the kids that win first and second place in their events get a donated toy like a bike or something like that. it is cool but all the kids that come out are winners because it is really inspiring them to use their mindbodies all in a good way back to you. all right holly thank you. >> well, we are here with derek thomas, thomas landscape thanks for coming in today. >> how are you? >> good we like to do the ask the garden guy question everybody has such great questions this time of year we want to get to this pretty quickly take a look at the first question some body wrote in and asked this was becky from silver spring she says perennial i planted this spring are fading and wilted from the repeated heat waves we have been having is there hope for these plants. >> that is a question everybody wants to know. >> what has been going on, if this is what your perennials
9:53 am
are starting to look like, and you've got some -- there is hope, one of the things you want to make sure the plant is not truly rotted you see how that came right out and there is absolutely no connection to any root map. this one may or may not make it if the plant is not truly rotted you have dead stuff on there what you want to do is remove the dead growth by cleaning up the plant, what that does, is it gives the plant a second wind. okay. >> okay. >> so then in a couple weeks, you can be looking at a revised plant. because we are going you know, we are going towards fall. so absolutely don't throw the baby out with the bath water wait and see if perennials are taking a hit because of this heat this summer, give it a chance. >> it may not just be water. >> it may not just be a lack of water it may be the plant didn't make it give it a chance try to cut it back and get
9:54 am
things cleaned up >> chef we have another question from david from bethesda he wants to know my iris did not bloom the way they normally do they were not full and weren't many blossoms is it time to divide. >> yeah, iris is grown from a risome as it grows, this was connected here, it starts to wither away and then it naturally produces new babies along the side after it has flowered now this is where a flower was this spring. what will happen is this mother will die off as the clump gets more and more compacted, what you need to do is dig it out s then you would need to break that off from there. >> it won't damage it. >> won't damage it remember mama is going to dry up, so you will break these off, and then, you want to put in a single fan like this, one of the things i like to do to help prevent
9:55 am
wilting cut it back like that, plant that fan, plant this with this part of the bulb above ground and have wonderful iris blooms next spring. >> make sure these go under ground. >> making sure, since it is a risome you want the leave part of it above ground like we have in the pot here it grows across the ground. >> okay. >> you don't want to bury it completely if you do, that will also not allow you to have your blooms. >> all right let's get to our last question this is from phyllis. she says every time we take our summer vacation my potted plants die from lack of water is there a way to help them make it through the week we are away it is always sad to come home to crispy plants. >> a great idea, do it on a small scale like this, a big scale if you have more plants what you do is take a gravel bed, with -- this is just a plastic bag and tub the gravel
9:56 am
will keep the water off the plants, put your plants inside like this, they will play happy together for the week you are away and then, what you want to do is bring in some mulch, take the mulch, and put it all around the plants like that. what that will do sarah, that is going to create a really nice place, and you can fill that with moisture,. >> all the way up. >> not all the way up but add more moisture just like you could to the pot while away it will be sitting in the bed of moisture you have created with the gravel and the plants will make it through the week. >> this is something specifically for like your potted. >> this is for your potted plant. >> derek thomas with thomas landscape thanks for coming in. >> thank you >> we will be right back 
9:57 am
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